Prof. Dr. Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo
Augustusplatz 10, Zimmer P905
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 97-32362
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Research interests

Many including:

Community Projects

ALOE: The aim of the ALOE (Assisted Linked data cOnsumption Engine) project is to provide an engine for the semi-automatic generation of consumption configurations.
BOA: The “BOotstrapping linked datA” (BOA) project aims to provide means to extract RDF from text by using natural-language patterns learned from the Linked Open Data cloud.
BorderFlow is a general-purpose graph clustering application that computes a soft clustering of the input graph according to the Border Flow algorithm.
CVK: The Clustering and Visualization Kit (CVK) is a graph clustering and visualization framework that allows the rapid development and evaluation of novel graph clustering algorithms via a simple yet efficient plugin architecture.
DISCO is an interactive online application for the extraction of domain-specific corpora for tagged data sources. The current implementation works with the english version of Wikipedia as background data.
FOX: The Federated knOwledge eXtraction Framework uses ensemble learning for the generating high-quality RDF out of unstructured datas sources.
LIMES: The “LInk discovery framework for MEtric Spaces” (LIMES) is a time-efficient and lossfree matcher for instances from SPARQL endpoints. It relies on sampling to run signifcantly faster than conventional mappers.
SAIM: The idea behind SAIM is provide means for the automatic discovery of link specifications for Link Discovery. For this purpose, it combines stable matching, supervised machine learning and active learning approaches.
SIUQ: This project aims at providing approaches to keyword queries for the Semantic Web.

Financed Projects

LInk discovery framework for MEtric Spaces (LIMES++, 2011)
Semantic Content Management Systems (SCMS, 2009–2012)
Pre Built Information Space (PreBIS, 2002–2006)
Haus der fünf Kontinente (HFK, 2003–2004)
Personalisierte Interaktive Audio-, Voice- und Video-Informationen für Portal- und Auswertungsanwendungen (Pi-AVIda, 2002)





Peer-Reviewed Publications


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Other publications

Schumacher, F.; Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C.:
Computerspiele als Lehrmittel an der Universität Leipzig. In Proceedings of the Leipziger Informatik Tage 2007. Leipzig, 2007.

Härtwig, J.; Gross, A.; Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C.; Schumacher, F.:
Evaluation des Pre BIS- Kerns in einer Anwendungsumgebung. In: Fähnrich, K.-P. (Hrsg.); Härtwig, J. (Hrsg.) ; Kiehne, D.-O. (Hrsg.) ; Weisbecker, A. (Hrsg.): Technologien und Werkzeuge für ein rollen- und aufgabenbasiertes Wissensmanagement Bd. V. Bd. Leipzig: Eigenverlag der Unversität Leipzig, 2007, S. 159–173

Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C.:
Computer gaming: Some scientific challenges. In: Fähnrich, K.-P. (Hrsg.); Heyer, G. (Hrsg.): Games Summer Camp 2006 Bd. VIII. Leipzig: Eigenverlag der Unversität Leipzig, 2007, S. 45–50

Professional Activities


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