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Ciência sem Fronteiras at BIS

Please note, that we prefer full promotion (Doutorado Pleno), sandwich is also possible, however.

Brazilian application deadlines (you will need to apply at BIS at least one week before these dates):

Note, Cs F deadlines change frequently, please check at the csf site.

Please check deadlines and details here:

More information for applicants can be found here: and here:


Please contact us first as soon as possible. If we agree to supervize you, we will send you a a letter of acceptance, which is required for your application in Brazil.


Official site for all offers can be found here

DBpedia Português for Multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Contact: Sebastian Hellmann
Link: PDF Document

A Multilingual Open Word Net as Crystallization Point for a Linguistic Linked Open Data Cloud

Contact: Sebastian Hellmann
Link: PDF Document

A Methodology for Knowledge Extraction in the Enterprise Sector

Contact: Sebastian Hellmann
Link: PDF Document

Creation of Binding of Textual content to Structured Knowledge

Contact: Sebastian Hellmann
Link: PDF Document

Efficient Update of Triple Stores

Contact: Frank Schumacher
Link: PDF Document

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