Claus Stadler

Claus Stadler
Hainstraße 11
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 97-32253
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I am a PhD student in the working group “Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web” (AKSW) since 2011.

Research Interests

My current research interests are Semantic Web technologies, specifically those related to infrastructure, data and information integration, RDB-RDF query rewriting and optimization, update propagation, and the modelling of spatial/temporal data.


  • LinkedGeoData an effort to add a spatial dimension to the Web of Data / Semantic Web. Linked Geo Data uses the information collected by the Open Street Map project and makes it available as an RDF knowledge base according to the Linked Data principles.
  • Sparqlify is a scalable SPARQL->SQL rewriter being developed for the needs of the LinkedGeoData project. As such it features an expressive mapping language and support for geospatial predicates. The system rewrites a given SPARQL query into single SQL statement in order to give maximum control of query planning to the underlying relational DBMS (e.g. its the DBMS' decision of whether to look up geographic data by its location or features). Sparqlify makes extensive use of unsatisfiability testing in order avoid generating queries that are more complex than neccesary. The very precise grammar based mapping language is aimed at making writing mappings by hand easier than with its XML/RDF based cousins.
  • DBpediaLive The goal of this project is to provide an up-to-date dataset through public SPARQL. Therefore changes in Wikipedia article edits, in mapping definitions, and in the software need to be considered. I have been developing for this project for my diploma thesis. MohamedMorsey is now continuing the development for his PhD.


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