Sebastian Hellmann

Dr. Sebastian Hellmann
Augustusplatz 10, Zimmer P905
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 97-32273
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(This page seems never to be up to date and I hardly have time to change this.)

About Me

Currently I am a researcher at the AKSW/MOLE research group and I am writing my Ph D thesis about Semantic Technologies in Natural Language Processing and Linguistics. This includes converting NLP tool output to RDF (, mixing it with knowledge from sources such as DBpedia or Linguistic Knowledge ( or and then building applications on top of it.

Student Opportunities (Bachelor / Master Theses)

All current tasks and topics (e.g. Bachelor / Master Thesis) are kept on this separate page:
Student Opportunity page

Topic of my thesis (Feedback welcome, mail me)

Groups and Projects


Have a look at my slideshare account

Community Service

PC Chair:

PC Member:

I have been reviewing for:

  • AIMAS 2010
  • CLEF 2009
  • Composable Web 2010
  • DEXA 2009
  • DKE 2011
  • Elsevier (JSPE)
  • ESWC 2009, 2010, 2011
  • ISCS 2009
  • ISWC 2010
  • JAI 2011
  • KEOD 2009


Published or To Appear

As it is hard to keep track of everything, my publications are listed in several places:


: (Editors: ) link

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