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Graphs are a powerful, flexible means of representing all kinds of linked data. Bigdata is an ultra high-performance graph database supporting the RDF data model, which provides a standards-based way of describing, interchanging, and querying graph data. Bigdata supports both the Sesame and Blueprints APIs. Bigdata handles very Big Graphs. Bigdata scales to 50 billion edges on a single machine and will scale to even larger graphs with its horizontally-scaled architecture. Bigdata supports robust enterprise deployments with high up-time and QoS demands with its quorum-based high-availability (HA) architecture. Bigdata is 100% open-source.

Representing UML in RDF
The goal of this work is to make UML "RDF-compatible". This allows mixing and extending UML models and the language elements of UML itself on the Web in an open manner. XMI, the current standard for encoding UML in XML by OMG, does not offer this capability. It is based upon a hard-wired DTD. For example, if a third party were to refine the concept "Event" defined in UML statecharts into say "ExternalEvent" and "InternalEvent", it would not be possible to serialize the corresponding event instances in XMI.


Group and Interests

I am a member of the Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) Research Group.
My research interests are:

  • Basic Web information technologies (Web data integration, personalization techniques, architecture of Web information systems)
  • Semantic Web infrastructure and languages (query, rule and update languages)
  • Security / trust / privacy in the Semantic Web 
  • Semantic Web applications
  • Social networks and social impact of the Semantic Web 
  • Interfaces for the Social Semantic Web / Federated Social Web 
  • Directory Services

Research Projects

  • LOD2 – Creating Knowledge out of Interlinked Data (EU funded)
  • OntoWiki – Semantic Collaboration for Enterprise Knowledge Management, E-Learning and E-Tourism (EU funded)
  • LE4SW – Regionale Technologieplattform für soziale, semantische Kollaboratio (BMBF funded)
  • SoftWiki – Distributed, End-user Centered Requirements Engineering for Evolutionary Software Development (BMBF funded)

Open Source Software Projects

Beside these official projects, please refer to my bitbucket as well as my github profile.

  • OntoWiki – Semantic collaboration platform implementing the Web 2.0 idea of an architecture of participation for the collaborative development of Semantic Web knowledge bases
  • RDFauthor – is an editing solution for distributed and syndicated structured content on the World Wide Web.
  • Mobile Social Semantic Web – is an Android-based social web client as well as a contacts provider, which integrates your distributed FOAF/WebID social network into your mobile phone.
  • xOperator – combines advantages of social network websites with instant messaging
  • Semantic LDAP – Bringing together LDAP and the Semantic Web 
  • Triplify tackles the chicken-and-egg problem of the Semantic Web by providing a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications.


My publications are listed at DBLP as well as Google Scholar and Bibsonomy (which also feeds the exhibit section below)


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Community Services

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Readings / Seminars / Practical Courses

Supervision of final theses

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Open Topics

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In Arbeit

  • Markus Freudenberg (Bachelorarbeit)


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