Slidewiki Alphatest

We successfully applied for the Slidewiki Tender to evaluate the Slide Wiki. We proposed to import material from the Interdisciplinary Modules and to test the different functionalities of Slide Wiki during that import.

The project is subcontracted by the Project “Slidewiki” funded under the EU Grant Agreement 688095 and will run from Mai 2018 to October 2018 (prolongated until December 2018). Tasks involving students within a formal context will be done primarily through the semester (April – July), other tasks – in particular translation of the slides to different target languages) – were planned for July – September but had to be postponed since the Slide Wiki translation facilities are only available since August and very error-prone. We plan to finish the active work on the project until end of October. The reports mentioned above will be written in November with the full project report being submitted by mid of December 2018.

Main goals of our proposal

  • Add decks from the presentations given at the lectures, seminars, interdisciplinary talks and project seminars
  • Translate presentations to other languages
  • Test the different functions of the platform
  • Collect a detailed evaluation report
  • Create issues about the different problems we faced with during the alpha test

Project members and associates

  • Prof. Hans-Gert Gräbe, project leader (faculty staff)
  • Simon Johanning, external consultant
  • Ken Pierre Kleemann, project coordinator
  • Clara Kruckenberg, project assistant
  • Annemarie Hohbach, student participant within the course KT-18, further support
  • Andrea Hornik, student participant within the course KT-18
  • Yaoli Du, translation team
  • Noor Al Gabrah, translation team
  • Colleen Johanning, translation team
  • Valacia Strati, translation team

Project schedule (May 1 until December 31, 2018)

  • March / April – a first test for readiness of use carried out by Prof. Gräbe, application for participation in the tender
  • April 5, submission of application
  • May 5, Kick off meeting
  • May 8, official information about the approval of our proposal
  • May 14, a project number was assigned by the central authorities
  • May 17, applications of the project team member were submitted to the central employment authorities
  • May 31, first milestone: Compiled slides from W17, set up the infrastructure, collect the experience obtained so far in a first evaluation report.
  • June 15, contracts with Ken and Clara start
  • July 5, second milestone: Evaluate the results of the practical course within KT-18
  • Aug 9, intermediate presentation to the local Slidewiki team

This work has been supported by the H2020 project Slide Wiki (Grant Agreement No 688095).

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