Dr. Fred Stefan
Augustusplatz 10, Zimmer P906
04109 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 97-32327
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Fred Stefan has been involved in system integration for many years. In his doctorate, he studied the aspects of weightiness and invasiveness in the implementation of integration projects. In 2011, he received the IBM GSE Academic Award for Excellence. As part of his work, he analyzes current and future problems of system integration and researches innovative solution approaches. He can look back on a large number of successful research projects.



  • Adaptive Deescalation System for the Logistic
  • Intelligent Integration Framework for Connection of Machines and Information Systems (SAAMI)
  • Framework for Reuse of Transformation Models in Domain of Enterprise Application Integration (WIGOTA)
  • Discovering Effective Methods and Architectures for Integration of Modeling Spaces with Applications in Various Problem Domains (Research exchange with Novi Sad University)
  • Framework for Integration Engineering in Domain of E-Business
  • Network for Intelligent and Self-Adapting Integration of Machines and Information Systems (http://niro-network.de/)



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